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The link with the environment is the set of links established by the University of La Serena in disciplinary, artistic, technological, productive and / or professional with the environment, to improve the performance of their institutional functions; facilitate the academic, professional and personal development of the members of the house of studies and its updating or improvement; or comply with the institutional objectives indicated in its Strategic Development Plan, promoting an active interrelation with the external environment, to achieve a positive and direct impact on the institution and the community.

Among the initiatives of continuous impact of linkage, that is, those carried out on a regular and permanent basis, are the following:


  • Referential Center for Experimentation and Training in Metallurgical Mining Processes "Mina Escuela Brillador".
  • Research and Quality Control Foundation (INVECC).
  • Educational Information Center (CIE).
  • Ignacio Domeyko Mineralogical Museum.
  • Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability: seal of the formation and the scientific-technological capacity of the university of la serena, to contribute collaboratively to the development challenges of the Coquimbo region.
  • Exploration, monitoring and modeling of agricultural and environmental resources (Prommra).
  • Optimization of Territorial Coverage in the Distribution of Drinking Water in Rural Sectors of the Coquimbo Region.
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Hydroponic Green Forage Production as a technology for small agricultural producers in the Coquimbo Region.
  • Institutional Improvement Plan to generate substantive changes in the quality of initial teacher training at the University of La Serena, which contribute to improving the quality of school learning in the Coquimbo region. "
  • Water Center for Arid and Semi-Arid Areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Center for Advanced Studies in Arid Zones.


  • Center for Psychological Care and Integral Health (CAPSI).
  • Regional Center for Studies and Development of Education of the University of La Serena (CREDEULS).
  • Business Ideas Fair.
  • Consulting and Business Consulting.
  • Dissemination of Audiovisual Material.
  • Participatory Design in rural communities.
  • Participatory Design with Institutions.
  • Laboratory of analysis and technical assistance for the development and innovation of the food industry of the Coquimbo region.
  • Olivícola Line: Chemical Laboratory of Quality of Olive Oils and Panel of Tasting of Olive Oils.
  • Coordination and Liaison with Public Institutions for Student Support and Welfare.
  • External Training.


  • Mistralian Documentation and Research Center.
  • Press and Corporate Media Area and Promotion of the Academic Offer.
  • International Congress of Entrepreneurs.
  • Children's Garden University of La Serena.
  • Regional Chemistry Olympics.
  • Regional Mathematical Olympiad.
  • German Academic Exchange Service DAAD in the ULS.
  • Talks and Seminars on Contingency and Journalistic Interest.
  • Photographic Exhibition
  • Disability Support Program.
  • Day of Science and Entertaining Health.
  • Geriatric and cardiovascular kinesiology.
  • Graduates and ULS Graduates Activities.
  • International Student Mobility
  • Dental Clinic Teaching Assistant ULS.
  • Program of effective Accompaniment and Access to Higher Education.
  • Ecosystem Startup Coquimbo.
  • International Seminar Centered on Reading and Writing in Higher Education.
  • International Social Communication Symposium.
  • Interdisciplinary Center for Latin American Studies (CIEL).
  • Mathematics Days
  • Volunteers united by solidarity.
  • Digital Campus: Digital technology for training.
  • Center for Human Rights.
  • Collaboration agreement between SERNAMEG and La Serena University.


  • Raúl Bitrán Chair.
  • University Radio FM.
  • Editorial University of La Serena.
  • Mining Circus
  • Female Tuna Azahares.
  • Tuna San Bartolomé.
  • Folkloric Projection Set.
  • University of Children.
  • Musical Advice to the Discalced Carmelite Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament of La Serena.
  • ULS Experimental Theater.
  • Tuna District.
  • Grupo Alma Latina.
  • Pedagogical Theater ÉTÉULS.
  • School of the Elderly.
  • University Orchestra of La Serena University.
  • Chamber Choir of the University of La Serena.
  • Metamúsica Program.
  • Chamber Orchestra of the University of La Serena.
  • Music FestivalAhora.
  • January Encounters Festival.

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