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Director of Teaching
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Director of Teaching
Dr. Pamela Labra Godoy

Benavente 980, La Serena

Director of Liaison with the Environment and Extension

Director of Liaison with the Environment and Extension
Mg. Carlos Varas Madrid


Department of Economic and Business Sciences
University of La Serena
Commercial Engineer, Mg. In Human Resources, MBA ESERP Spain, Diploma in University Teaching.

"As a professional I develop in the strategic institutional contribution, in the training of professionals with high ethical sense with focus on the relationship with people and in the creation of links and networks of contact with key actors of the public and private world".

18 has dedicated years to teaching in Higher Education with specialization in subjects of Administration, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Leadership and Teamwork, in addition to the professional experience has also taught various chairs related to Local and Regional Development.

Outside the classroom he has actively participated in the Regional Development, being a formulator of the public policies and plans of Rural Development of the Coquimbo Region (2011-2013) with special expertise in the Agricultural Communities. In addition, he has directed multiple Entrepreneurship and Innovation initiatives, among others, Startup Phase Zero and E-Startup (2013-2015), the Mentors Network of the North (2017-2019), participates in regional worktables such as, Mesa para the creation of the Innovation Strategy of Coquimbo, Mesa Governance of Entrepreneurship, and other regional interest groups, Mesa Universidades-Gore Coquimbo, Labor Observatory Council, Higher Education Commission Integration Paso de Agua Negra.

Apart from teaching, institutionally he has strategically supported the University of La Serena in various areas; from the 2009 to the 2014 in the Office of Project Management, from the 2014 to the 2017 in the Coordination of Linkage with the Institutional Environment, currently as a representative of Linkage with the Environment of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, on the other hand it was operative of the institutional self-evaluation for the 2012 year and strategic support for the 2016 self-evaluation, also managed to lead and coordinate the self-assessment of the Commercial Engineering degree obtained by 6 years of accreditation.

Complementarily it has been dedicated to research since 2018, achieving three publications Scielo, one Scopus and two in professional journals, also currently actively participates in the Network of Regional Universities and the Network of Linking with the Environment of State Universities.