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academic vice chancellor

ULS Academic Vice-Rector
Dr. Alejandra Torrejón Vergara


Doctorate in Education with mention in Pedagogical Mediation, Mg in Education, Postgraduate in Language and Communication, Postgraduate in Vocational Educational Orientation and Diploma in Modulation based on Competencies.

"Some people want something to happen, others dream of what will happen, others make it happen" (Michael Jordan)

Among his professional skills is working as a team, giving confidence to the members he leads. He has communication skills, empathy and a high level of commitment to the tasks assigned to him, always ready to face new challenges.

Through years of experience in Higher Education Institutions, she has developed teaching, coordination in Career Accreditation, director of School of Education, rapporteur of training in Language and Communication, School Management, School Leadership and Coexistence.

She has developed as Educational Supervisor and in the Provincial Department of Education Elqui.

He has experience in research in the fields related to Reading and Initial Writing with the Integration of Sciences, as well as in topics such as the construction of professional knowledge of classroom teachers and directors of educational units; treatment of cognitive skills of reading comprehension in pre-basic and basic students; among others.

Behind his professional achievements, is the commitment to education, characterized by his perseverance for the sake of quality education.

He has completed Postgraduate studies obtaining a Master's Degree in Education and a Doctorate in Education with a Pedagogical Specialty.

Vice Chancellor of Research and Postgraduate

Vice Chancellor of Research and Postgraduate
Dr. Eduardo Notte Cuello


Bachelor of Mathematics, Master of Applied Mathematics, PhD in Applied Mathematics and Postdoctorate in Mathematical Physics.

"My purpose is to support the development of science and the training of specialists at the highest level, form a school in research areas relevant to regional development".

He is interested in developing academic education and scientific knowledge at all levels, taking advantage of his experience as an academic, scientist and director of different units within the University of La Serena (ULS).
As an academic he has taught subjects of his specialty in undergraduate and graduate, in the Universities of Antofagasta (1993-2002) and University of La Serena (2003-present). He has been a thesis director in the programs of the Magister in Mathematics, Magister in Physical Sciences and PhD in Chemistry of the ULS.,
As a scientist he has published more than thirty indexed articles and led research projects. He has been a visiting professor at the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science IMECC, of ​​the State University of Campinas, Brazil, and in the Department of Equations in Partial Derivatives and Numerical Analysis of the University of Seville, Spain.

As a manager, he has extensive experience in management positions. He was elected director of the Department of Mathematics of the ULS during the year 2010, Director of Research of the ULS from the year 2011 to the 2015 and Vice-Rector of Research and Postgraduate since the year 2016 to date.

His solid academic training began at the University of La Serena where he obtained a degree in Mathematics. He continued with postgraduate studies at the U. de Estadual de Campinas - Brazil, obtaining the Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Doctorate in the same discipline, in the 1996 year. Ten years later, he obtained the Postdoctorate in Mathematical Physics, in the same university.

Vice Chancellor of Economic and Administrative Affairs

Vice Chancellor of Economic and Administrative Affairs
Dr. Armando Mansilla Sunkel


Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering.
Construction Engineer, Bachelor of Construction Sciences, University of La Serena, Dr. in Sustainable Urban Development, Polytechnic University of Madrid. Spain.

"My professional purpose will always be to help enlarge my Country and my region. The University of La Serena has allowed me as an Academician to train new professionals in the field of engineering, they are the seeds that have been placed in my land so that they become great engineers that improve the quality of life of all our people".

Mr. Armando Mansilla Sunkel, was born in the city of Concepcion in the 1967 year. In the year 1972 comes to live in the city of La Serena. His elementary and middle school studies were taken at the Colegio Inglés Católico. Higher education was carried out at the University of La Serena in the Faculty of Engineering. Being a student at the University of La Serena, he taught at the Liceo Jorge Alessandri Rodríguez. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Construction Sciences and the titles of Civil Constructor and Constructor Engineer in the 1998 year. His Thesis to obtain his Titles was called "Quality Assurance in Construction, based on Total Quality and ISO9000 Standards".

In the year 1999, he joined the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of La Serena. From the year 1999 until the year 2014 was Head of the Laboratory of Resistance of Materials and Structures. As an academic he has done the following subjects: General Construction, Construction Materials, Concrete Technology, Urbanism, Environment and Quality in Construction, Electivos ISO9000 Standards, Titration Workshops, Electives of Sustainable Construction and Bioclimatic Homes. He has been a professor of various jobs in the Degree in Construction Engineering.

The 2015 year ends his PhD studies at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, SPAIN in the Doctorate program in Sustainable Urban Development. His Doctoral Thesis was named "Old Town of Algarrobito located in the Elqui Valley of Chile and its Bioclimatic Urban Pattern".

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