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The Faculty of Sciences of the University of La Serena focuses its work in the areas of Education in Sciences, Pure Sciences, Applied Sciences and Technologies.

Of this macrounidad depend the Departments of: Agronomy, Biology, Nursing, Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics and Chemistry, where the areas of knowledge of their competence are cultivated and developed; and the Schools of Agronomy, Nursing, Computer Engineering, Pedagogy in Sciences and Laboratory Chemistry, in charge of the curricular development of the programs assigned to them.

In undergraduate teaching, the Faculty of Sciences imparts 14 careers: Nursing, Dentistry, Kinesiology, Agronomic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemistry, Pedagogy in Biology and Natural Sciences, Pedagogy in Chemistry and Natural Sciences, Pedagogy in Mathematics and Physics, Pedagogy in Mathematics and Computing, Degree in Astronomy, Degree in Physics, Degree in Mathematics and Degree in Chemistry.

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Department of Agronomy

Agronomy Department

Department Director
Dr. Adriana Benavides López
La Paz Avenue 1108, Ovalle
Phone: 51 2 204144

Dependencies of the Department:
  • Teaching Laboratory of Plants and Fabrics.
  • Teaching Laboratory (2).
  • Entomopathogenic Laboratory.
  • Laboratory of Prospecting, Monitoring and Modeling of Agricultural and Environmental Resources.
  • Tasting Panel Laboratory.
  • Agri-Food Quality and Safety Laboratory.
  • Laboratory of Chemical Analysis of Olive Oil.
  • Multimedia Laboratory

Biology department

Biology department

Department Director: Dr. Rodomiro Osorio Barahona
Avenida Raúl Bitrán Nº 1305, La Serena
Phone: 51 2 204322

Dependencies of the Department:
  • Laboratory of Research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
  • Laboratory of Research in Vegetal Ecology.
  • Research Laboratory in Functional and Evolutionary Ecology.
  • Laboratory of Research in Animal Ecophysiology.
  • Research Laboratory in Vertebrate Biology.
  • Research Laboratory in Ecological Entomology.
  • Plant Genetics and Cytogenetics Research Laboratory.
  • Vegetal Ecophysiology Research Laboratory.
  • Microbiology Research Laboratory.
  • Research Laboratory of Ecology of Populations and Communities.
  • Physiozoology Laboratory.
  • Microscopy Laboratory.
  • Botanical Laboratory.
  • Biochemistry Laboratory.
  • Microbiology Laboratory.
  • Herbal.
  • Greenhouse.
  • Climatic Chambers.
  • Zoological Collection.

Nursing department

Nursing department

Department Director: Alejandra Jana Ayala
Avenida Matta Nº147, Coquimbo
Phone: 51 2 204440

Dependencies of the Department:
  • Laboratory N ° 1 (Human Anatomy).
  • Laboratory N ° 2 (First Aid).
  • Laboratory N ° 3 (Adult and Senescent Nursing).
  • Laboratory No. 4 (Child and Adolescent Nursing).
  • Simulation Laboratory.
  • Laboratory of Nursing Informatics.

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Department Director (s): Dr. Luis Palma Chilla
Cisternas Avenue No. 1200, La Serena
Phone: 51 2 204128

Dependencies of the Department:
  • Computational Physics Laboratory.
  • Mechanics Laboratory.
  • Electromagnetism and Optics Laboratory.
  • Optical Wave Laboratory.
  • Thermo-Fluids Laboratory.
  • Laboratory of Modern Physics and Electronics.

Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Department Director: Marco Corgini Videla
Cisternas Avenue No. 1200, La Serena
Phone: 51 2 204102 / 51 2 204103

Dependencies of the Department:
  • Laboratory No. 1.
  • Laboratory No. 2.
  • Laboratory No. 3.
  • Laboratory No. 4.
  • Laboratory No. 5.
  • Laboratory of Statistics and Data Analysis.

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Department

Department Director (s): Iván Fernández Rojas
Avenida Raúl Bitrán Nº 1305, La Serena
Phone: 51 2 204456

Dependencies of the Department:
  • General Chemistry Laboratory.
  • Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry.
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory.
  • Chemical Physics Laboratory.
  • Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory.
  • Laboratory of Applied Sciences - Food and Soil.
  • Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Computer lab.
  • Laboratory No. 1.

School of Chemistry

School of Chemistry

Principal: Dr. Alvaro Delgadillo Acevedo | Phone: 51 2 204355

School of Pedagogy in Sciences

School of Pedagogy in Sciences

Principal: Hernán Guiñez Guiñez | Phone: 51 2 204105

School of Computer Engineering

School of Computer Engineering

Principal: Mauro San Martín Branches | Phone: 51 2 204245

School of Agronomy

Agronomy School

Principal: Carlos Anes Arriagada | Phone: 51 2 204107

School of Nursing

Nursing school

Principal: Mg. Carmen Retamal Valenzuela | Phone: 51 2 204517

Race Direction of Kinesiology

Kinesiology Career Direction

Race Director: Alfredo Gary Bufadel | Phone: 51 2 334768

Dental Career Management

Career Directorate of Dentistry

Race Director: Cristián Oyanadel Escudero | Phone: 51 2 334768 / 51 2 204240 / 51 2 204084