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The Faculty of Social, Business and Legal Sciences of the University of La Serena was created on April 04 of 2000.

Together with contributing to the development of the social and economic - administrative sciences, it responds to the training needs of professionals who contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the people. It also conducts research, extension and dissemination of knowledge in its field of action with projections in the regional and national environment.

The Departments of Social Sciences and Economic and Business Sciences depend on this macrounit. The Schools of Auditing, Commercial Engineering, Pedagogy in History and Geography, Journalism and Tourism also depend.

In undergraduate teaching, the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences imparts 6 careers: Auditing, Law, Commercial Engineering, Business Administration Engineering, Pedagogy in History and Geography and Journalism.

For more information visit: Website Faculty of Social, Business and Legal Sciences

Department of Economic and Business Sciences

Department Director: Segundo Hernández Venegas
Amunátegui s / n, La Serena
Phone: 51 2 204519

Dependencies of the Department:
  • Computational Center Laboratory.
  • Tecnoaula Laboratory of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Department of Social Sciences

Department Director: Hernán Cortés Olivares
Address: Avenida Raúl Bitrán Nº 1305, La Serena
Phone: 51 2 204314

Dependencies of the Department:
  • Geography Laboratory.
  • Computer lab.
  • Radio Laboratory.
  • Digital Edition Laboratory.
  • Digital Image Laboratory - Photography.
  • Television studios.

School of Audit

School's director: Patricia Cortés Iturrieta | Phone: 51 2 204180

School of Commercial Engineering

Principal: Erico Wulf Betancourt | Phone: 51 2 204181

Tourism school

Principal: Andrés Álvarez Cortés | Phone: 51 2 204178

School Pedagogy in History and Geography

Principal: Dr. Fabián Araya Palacios | Phone: 51 2 204346

School of Journalism

Principal: Cristian Muñoz Catlán | Phone: 51 2 204352

Law School

Race Director: Mg. Carlos Magna Rodríguez | Phone: 51 2 334799 / 51 2 334798