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postgraduate benefits

The Postgraduate and Postgraduate Department is pleased to inform and remind you that students enrolled in the different graduate programs of our University can access the following spaces:

You can also access the following cards:

Smart University Card (TUI)
To obtain this card you must perform the following procedures:

  • Pay $ 8000 in boxes of the University of La Serena
  • Request a Regular Student Certificate issued by the Postgraduate and Postgraduate Department
  • Take a picture in the 3 office of the DGAE (Proof of payment and certificate of regular student)
  • Complete and sign the Card Application Document with the information required for the issuance (Run, names, surnames, birth defach, gender, marital status, study program, faculty and year of admission)
  • Withdrawal of a card from the 3 office of the DGAE, once the bank issues the credential.

National Student Card (TNE)

General requirements:

  • Be enrolled and be a regular student of a Master's or Doctorate program.
  • To obtain a higher education school pass for the first time and to make a replacement, you must have a socioeconomic situation that merits the delivery of the Benefit, which can not exceed $ 560.000 thousand pesos per capita. This must be accredited by the TNE Manager, who will issue a certificate or letter of detriment, as reported by JUNAEB.

Requirements to obtain a new TNE:
New students: Those postgraduate students who do not have TNE issued in higher education or have a previous one to the 2015 year).

Procedure to follow:

  • Pay $ 2700 in the University boxes in terms informed by the Department of Student Welfare.
  • Submit original Regular Student Certificate with validity of 30 days (within the same month as the certificate indicates)

Requirements to revalidate:
Students to revalidate: All those students who are doing a Postgraduate in the same Institution for which their TNE was issued.

Procedure to follow:

Requirements for replenishment:

Students who must make replacement:
1 All those students who are doing a Postgraduate in a different Institution for which a TNE was issued during their undergraduate period.
2 Those who have suffered the theft, loss or deterioration of the TNE.
3 Students who have not carried out revalidation in the year preceding the current year. Example: year 2017 the student has higher education TNE without stamp of the year 2016, therefore must make replacement.

Procedure to follow:

  • Deposit $ 3600 pesos in the current account N ° 90 000 97 of the State Bank in the name of "JUNAEB", identifying the name of the Institution and NOT that of the person. Then you must go to the TNE Office (Calle Brasil 591, La Serena) and bring the following documents:

    Photocopy on both sides of the valid Identity Card.
  • Original regular student certificate valid for 30 days (within the same month as the certificate indicates).
  • Certificate or letter of detriment by the TNE Manager who certifies the socioeconomic situation, which must not exceed $ 560.000 thousand pesos per capita.
  • Proof of deposit into JUNAEB account.
  • Carabiner's certificate or simple affidavit in case of loss or theft (downloadable from the website: www.tne.cl)
  • Previous NET, in case of deterioration.
  • * "The electronic transfers are NOT valid documents to perform the TNE process".

Important: This procedure is subject to changes according to the guidelines provided by JUNAEB. For the year 2018.

Instruction of the General Directorate of Student Affairs for the effects of Accidents of University students