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Within the framework of the Educational Reform, the PACE program (Program of Accompaniment and Effective Access to Higher Education) seeks to restore the right to enter higher education and vocational technical education to students from vulnerable sectors, guaranteeing quotas for those who meet the eligibility criteria established by the Ministry of Education through the program. This will allow increasing equity, diversity and quality in higher education, provoking new perspectives in secondary education.

The PACE Program was officially launched on May 29 of 2014, beginning its pilot phase with students of 3º Medio. Within the framework of the Strengthening of Public Education, the students of the Educational Establishments (EE) assigned to the PACE receive academic preparation, vocational guidance and a socio-emotional accompaniment of preparation for life in Higher Education.

In order to fulfill this challenge responsibly, the program is implemented by the 31 Higher Education Institutions (IES) teams that are in agreement with the Ministry of Education, which carry out preparation activities in 3º and 4º year and follow-up during their first year of higher education, with a view to keeping them in the system and achieving their degree.

Since the 2015 year the PACE Program began an escalation stage until entering its stage of the regime itself, it is in this year that the University of La Serena, was incorporated as a higher education institution, which will support the implementation of the PACE program in the Region of Coquimbo, currently has 12 Educational Establishments in the 3 provinces of the Fourth Region:

Province of Elqui

  • Pedro Aguirre Cerda School, La Serena
  • Liceo Pedro Regalado Videla Órdenes, Andacollo
  • Liceo Gabriela Mistral, La Serena
  • Pedro Pablo Muñoz School, La Higuera
  • Liceo Técnico Marta Brunet, La Serena

Province of Limarí

  • Liceo Estela Ávila Molina de Perry, Ovalle
  • Liceo Samuel Román Rojas, Combarbalá
  • Raúl Silva Henríquez School, Ovalle
  • Liceo Alberto Gallardo Lorca, Punitaqui
  • College of Administration and Commerce El Ingenio, Ovalle

Province of Choapa

  • Liceo Municipal Polivalente Salamanca, Salamanca
  • Liceo Nicolás Federico Lohse, Los Vilos

Currently the PACE ULS Program accompanies more than 1. 600 students throughout the Coquimbo region. For the 2018, the PACE Program is accompanying more than 84 a thousand students of 3º and 4º year, through the academic teams of the same 31 Higher Education Institutions (IES) in agreement with MINEDUC, being present in 574 educational establishments, corresponding to 311 communes of Chile.

For more information visit website www.paceuls.cl

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PACE ULS program:
Avda Raúl Bitrán Nº 1305, Campus Ándres Bello.
Phono: 51 2 204444 (Academic Vice-chancellor).
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