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Master of Science in Food Engineering
Faculty of Engineering - Department of Food Engineering

Character and Objectives:

The general objective of the program is to train researchers capable of successfully joining centers or institutes of research in food and food industry, with areas of research and innovation, trained to develop applied research as well as to develop university teaching and participate in scientific and technological innovation processes , through its insertion in interdisciplinary research groups.

Profile and Curriculum:

  • The graduate will be able to develop the following skills:
  • Integrate research groups.
  • Develop applied research.
  • Know and apply advanced techniques of food characterization.
  • Know and apply advanced techniques of food preservation.
  • Use non-traditional food sources.
  • Apply experimental research designs.
  • Generate publications in scientific journals.
  • Maintain ethical behavior in their professional actions.

The curriculum is structured in 120 total transferable credits, with 30 credits per semester and considers the following subjects:

  • English for research - (4 Transferable Credits)
  • Research methodology I - (8 Transferable Credits)
  • Research methodology II - (9 Transferable Credits)
  • Computational management of experimental data - (9 Transferable Credits)
  • Food processing - (9 Transferable Credits)
  • Food biochemistry - (8 Transferable Credits)
  • Advances in Food Technology - (9 Transferable Credits)
  • Professional ethics - (5 Transferable Credits)
  • Elective courses (three courses) - (20 Transferable Credits)
  • Thesis Seminar - (14 Transferable Credits)
  • Thesis - (25 Transferable Credits)

The elective courses are: Liquid waste management, Simulation and modeling in the food industry, Fundamentals of food biotechnology, Advances in food analysis, Food packaging and packaging, Protein chemistry, Thermo-physical properties in food, Other subjects.

Duration: It lasts four semesters.

Program Director: Dr. Ronny Ernesto Martínez Moya

Phone: 51 2 334661

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Start of application: January 20 2020
Application term: 01 2020 March

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