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valentina ojeda

The former student of this house of studies, Lic. Valentina Paz Ojeda, was one of the selected worldwide by the PIA / REU program of the Cerro Tololo International Observatory.

The completion of internships in research centers worldwide is one of the dreams of any scientist in training. To know the most modern techniques, participate in new discoveries, and be part of the world's leading research groups, mark the present and delineate the future of the new litter of scientists that our country so much needs.

Thinking about the importance of the training of young scientists, at 1995 the Cerro Tololo International Observatory (CTIO) creates the program “Research Practices in Astronomy (PIA / REU)”, with the purpose of inserting young scientists into training in programs of research in direct collaboration with members of the scientific staff of CTIO.

In its new edition, and after an international call that sought to cover only 8 quotas, the PIA / REU 2016 program has selected the former student of Physics Degree and current assistant researcher of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of La Serena , Ms. Valentina Paz Ojeda Gálvez.

“I am very happy and grateful for this great opportunity. I feel that it will be an experience that I should make the most of to enrich my knowledge and begin to develop my career as a scientist, ”he said when he heard the news.

Ms. Ojeda completed her undergraduate studies at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the ULS, where the year 2014 was titled under the direction of Dr. José Luis Nilo Castellón, academic of the unit and researcher associated with the Research Directorate of the Universidad de La Serena (DIULS), with whom he also works today as a research assistant in an international project, co-financed by the Research Department through a DIULS Scientific Initiation project. “At the moment, I am doing the data analysis of a sample of clusters of galaxies from low mass to high ´redshift”, in order to measure the effects of decoupling between dark matter and barionic matter in the component population of the clusters of galaxies of low luminosity in X-rays ”, explains the one selected today to the PÏA / REU program.

It should be noted that participants of the PIA / REU program who finish their projects outstandingly will have the opportunity to travel to the US. to present the results obtained in a congress of the American Astronomical Society. Regarding her future scientist, Ms. Ojeda comments that “I am currently in the process of applying for the Master of Science from the University of Concepción, to specialize in the area of ​​extragalactic astronomy, later I would like to study a postgraduate abroad. I hope in the future to return to La Serena to contribute to the science that is developed in our house of studies, and thus also help the training of new generations of scientists in the country. ”