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News 27-03-2020

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visit Ambassador 1

During his visit to the state establishment, the US diplomat met with the highest university authority and gave a lecture on scientific collaboration actions between Chile and the United States in various areas to face global challenges.

A cordial and fruitful meeting held at the Central House of the University of La Serena, the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, and the Ambassador of the United States in Chile, Michael Hammer, who visited the house of higher studies to dictate the conference "Scientific Diplomacy: Chile-United States collaboration to face global challenges".

The history of the ULS, the quality training that gives young people of the region, the programs of academic and student exchange with other countries, and the initiatives developed jointly by this house of studies and US institutions, were just some of the topics treated in this meeting in which the academic vice chancellor, Dr. Jorge Catalán, was also present; the Director of ULS Extension, Dr. Catalina Cvitanic; the Counselor of Press and Culture of the Embassy of the United States, Marianne Scott; the official for Environment, Science and Technology, Health and Energy, Christopher Nyce, and the cultural assistant in Science and Technology, Dinah Lee Arnett.

visit Ambassador 2On the occasion, both Rector Aviles and the US diplomat expressed their willingness to continue strengthening cooperation between the state squad and the Embassy.

"It is a pleasure to come to the University of La Serena to discuss the possibilities of greater cooperation between the United States and the University. There are already several exchange programs with American universities and we want to see the promotion of the teaching of English, a language that opens doors. Today I have been invited to give a talk on scientific diplomacy, a topic that we believe is timely, especially here in the region, where we see that there is great potential in astronomical matters, "Ambassador Michael Hammer said, adding that he sees "With great optimism that there is interest in strengthening this cooperation between the Embassy and the University" and providing opportunities for cultural and academic representatives to visit La Serena.

For his part, the Rector of the ULS, indicated that the presence of the Ambassador is a great honor as University of La Serena, "especially because he has shown interest in the academic issues of the institution. He was able to know details of our pre and postgraduate programs, and research and links with the environment developed by our campus, "explained the university authority, adding that there are mutual interests with the Embassy that may allow some academic work with US institutions. .

Conference on "Scientific Diplomacy"

After the meeting with Rector Avilés, the US Ambassador He moved to the Exhibition Hall of the university to deliver the conference on "Scientific Diplomacy", an activity organized by the Extension Directorate of the U. de La Serena and the US Embassy in Chile and attended by more than 130 people.

visit Ambassador 3The diplomat highlighted the high call that this talk had in which he addressed an issue that is relevant in the relations between the United States and Chile. "We have to cooperate among countries to face global challenges such as climate change, contagious diseases and many other issues. It is important to inform what we are doing as an Embassy, ​​but also the scientific activity that is being carried out in terms of astronomy in the Coquimbo Region, the launching of the LSST telescope, the cooperation we have with the ULS in other areas. We want the two countries to increase ties, and to strengthen links with the region and the University, "he said.

The Ambassador said that the collaboration in science and technology between the two countries, is born through the initiatives of scientists and universities, as is the case of the ULS. In this regard, he highlighted joint projects such as ecological research in the Bosque Fray Jorge National Park and the alliance between the United States Air Force Academy - through the Office of Aerospace Research and Development of Latin America (SOARD) - the Department of Physics of the University and the Mamalluca Observatory, which allowed the installation of a telescope that is linked to the Falcon Telescope Network (FTN) to study space debris. He also mentioned the international cooperation project involving scientists from NASA, from the Research Service of the US Department of Agriculture. and of the ULS, through the head of the Central Laboratory of Analysis and Applied Research, Mg. Héctor Maureira, which has led to a NASA air vehicle (mission UAVSAR), which has a polarimetric L-band radar sensor, has flown over much of the Coquimbo Region for the purpose of making soil moisture measurements by remote sensing of radar.

visit Ambassador 4"Our governments are interested in the exchange of knowledge that is required for the progress of science. We call this work 'Scientific Diplomacy', which through bilateral and multilateral agreements, and international investments, seeks to try scientific collaboration, "he said in his presentation. In addition, he indicated that "many of the global challenges that we see today can not be solved by a single country. Climate change, the spread of infectious diseases, food security, clean and reliable energy, are issues that affect us all and that can only be faced with international cooperation and that is what the Obama administration wanted to do during its mandate".

Finally, Michael Hammer said he is confident that the scientific cooperation between both countries, "will continue to be implemented through the exchange of researchers, academics and students, and research projects of common interest that will help us jointly face the key challenges of the world." today in the field of health, water scarcity, pollution, environment, energy and other issues ".

The activity was attended by university authorities, academics, students, scientists, representatives of astronomical centers and the general public, who were able to present their questions and give their opinions to the Ambassador.

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