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Expert in Risk Prevention Ceprolaser
Mutual Security Agreement with the University of La Serena Directorate of Postgraduate Studies


  • Recognition and evaluation of risks in accidents and / or occupational diseases.
  • Control of risks in the workplace.
  • Educational action to prevent risks and produce training for workers.
  • Technical advice to the joint committees, supervisors, technical administration lines.


Legislation on work accidents, Theories or doctrines on liability, Legislation, Fundamentals, Machinery and tools protection, Material handling, Movement and transport critical load, Industrial gases handling, Personal protective equipment and elements, Lifting machines and equipment, Explosives, Excavations and demolitions, Industrial fires prevention. Electrical risks, Prevention of risks in construction works, Fundamentals, Laws and Limits, Pollutants, Abnormal environments, Industrial Hygiene Programs, Noise, Vibrations, Laboratories, Industrial Ventilation, Occupational Medicine, First Aid, Ergonomics, Work Psychology, Personnel Selection, Sociology of Work, Sanitary Engineering, Environmental Prevention, Administration applied to PRP, Statistical Foundations and Applications, Marketing in PRP, Framework and microeconomics notions, Notions of accounting and budget, Total control of losses, Agricultural risks, Risks Forestry, Fishing risks, Mining risks.

Duration: It lasts 1.000 hours, equivalent to three and a half semesters (18 months).

Program Director: Dr. Iván Fernández Rojas

Phone: 51 2 204456

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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