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Diploma in Teaching in Higher Education
Academic Vice-rectory and Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies, University of La Serena.

The Academic Vice-Rectory and the Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies of the University of La Serena, has designed the Diploma in Teaching in Higher Education, whose purpose is to strengthen the skills in the field of teaching in the academics / teachers responsible for the training processes. This will allow the development of quality educational processes and deep learning that raise the undergraduate student's focus as a training center.


  • Plan and design teaching and learning activities aimed at achieving the exit profile of the corresponding training program.
  • Develop learning assessment strategies that promote feedback instances that are coherent with the learning outcomes and the methodologies used.
  • Apply ICT tools for the achievement of deep learning.
  • Innovate and reflect on their teaching.

Study plan:

  • Module I: Planning and design of the teaching-learning process: integrating active methodological strategies.
  • Module II: Evaluation for the achievement of learning.
  • Module III: Use of ICT tools for the achievement of learning
  • Module IV: Innovation and reflection in undergraduate teaching.


The plan includes 219 Chronological Hours (8 SCT): 108 Chronological Hours and 111 Chronological Hours of Autonomous Work. 6 months.


  • Date of application until the 08 of March of 2019, in the page of the Postgraduate and Postgraduate Management.
  • Selection of applicants from the 11 to the 28 of March of 2019.
  • Admission and registration from the 29 of March to the 10 of April of 2019.

Program Director: Pamela Labra Godoy

Phone: +51 2 204002

Contact: Secretary Program: Pamela Pizarro Villarroel - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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