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The Isabel Bongard Campus is located in Amunátegui 851 and the courses of Basic General Education, Differential Education, Nursery Education and Design are taught there.

It has a ground area of ​​62.653 m² and a built-up surface of 15.299 m².

Infrastructure and physical spaces include:

  • Building of the Former Normal School of La Serena.
  • University Park
  • Central Casino.
  • Garden of Chirimoyos.
  • Administrative Dependencies of the Human Resources Department.
  • Administrative Dependencies of the Services Directorate.
  • Dependencies of the Department of Education.
  • Support Center for the Teaching of the Humanities, CADH.
  • Language Center, CEL.
  • Educational Information Center.
  • Multicacha.
  • Dependencies of the Mining Circus.
  • Guesthouse.

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