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The Campus Ignacio Domeyko is located in Benavente 980 and it is taught the careers of Civil Engineering, Industrial Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering of Mines, Environmental Civil Engineering, Civil Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Execution in Mines, Engineering Execution in Mechanics, Engineering in Construction, Dentistry and Kinesiology

It has a ground area of ​​27.713 m² and a built-up surface of 29.939 m².

Infrastructure and physical spaces include:

  • Administrative dependencies of the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Dependencies of the Departments of: Civil Engineering in Civil Works, Industrial Engineering, Mining Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Technological Center of the Faculty of Engineering (CETECFI).
  • Administrative Dependencies of the Teaching Directorate.
  • Administrative Dependencies of the Finance Department.
  • Administrative dependencies of the General Directorate of Student Affairs.
  • Administrative dependencies of the Computer and Computing Center.
  • Central Library Irma Salas.
  • Aula Magna Ignacio Domeyko.
  • Ignacio Domeyko Mineralogical Museum.
  • Center for Research and Quality Control (INVECC).
  • Exposition halls.

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