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The Andrés Bello Campus is located on Avenida Raúl Bitrán Nachary No. 1305 and it is taught the careers of Food Engineering, Computer Engineering, Pedagogy in Biology and Natural Sciences, Pedagogy in Mathematics and Computing, Pedagogy in Mathematics and Physics, Pedagogy in History and Geography, Pedagogy in Chemistry and Natural Sciences, Pedagogy in Spanish and Philosophy, Pedagogy in English, Journalism, English-Spanish Translation, Chemistry, Bachelor of Mathematics, Bachelor of Physics, Bachelor of Chemistry and Bachelor of Astronomy.

It has a ground area of ​​176.706 m& sup2; and a built-up surface of 19.811 m& sup2;.

Infrastructure and physical spaces include:

  • Central House of the University.
  • Pentagon Hall.
  • University Radio FM.
  • Administrative dependencies of the Faculties of Sciences and Humanities.
  • Dependencies of departments of: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Arts and Letters, Chemistry, Social Sciences and Food Engineering.
  • Laboratories of the departments of Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Food Engineering.
  • Ceramic workshop.
  • Television Study of the School of Journalism.
  • Offices of the Student Centers of the races.
  • Fitness center.
  • Tennis courts.
  • Fields covered with soccer.
  • University Casino.
  • Monumental Clock of the Bicentennial.

In addition, the Andrés Bello Campus has a privileged viewpoint that allows you to observe the cities of La Serena and Coquimbo being very visited by delegations of foreign tourists.

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