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Professor Nibaldo Bernardo Avilés Pizarro
Rector of the University of La Serena

Professor Avilés was born and raised in the city of Ovalle, where he studied basic and media. The secondary education was attended at the Liceo Alejandro Álvarez Jofré. Belongs to the first generation of his family to enter university education. As a professional, Professor Avilés is the result of state public education. During his studies he received support from food grants and student homes.

His university education was carried out at the former State Technical University, La Serena, where he was named Constructor Civil in the 1977 year, graduating as the best student at La Serena headquarters. Then he obtained the title of Civil Engineer at the University of Santiago de Chile, the 1981 year. Later, he graduated as an Engineer (E) in Business Administration, at the University of Los Lagos, in the 1999 year. He studied the Diplomas of Formulation, Evaluation and Administration of Projects and University Teaching dictated by the University of La Serena, 1995 and 2003, respectively.

At the postgraduate level, Professor Avilés obtained the Master Engineering degree at the Technological University of Nagaoka, Japan, the 1989 year, and later the Doctor Engineering degree in Materials at the same university, the 1992 year. He is a graduate of the MBA Master in Business Administration of IEDE - Spain, the 2001 year.

In the 1983 year, Professor Avilés joined the Department of Civil Works Engineering at the University of La Serena as a teacher. And the year 1986 obtained the Monbukagakusho Scholarship from the Japanese Government to carry out their postgraduate studies in that country. He currently participates in the Association of Former Scholars of Japan (Abeja), a country with which he maintains important links in the academic and cultural fields.

The areas in which he has developed his teaching and research activities are: concrete technology, construction materials, materials resistance, reinforced concrete, steel structures and solid mechanics. In recent years, his training in the area of ​​administration has allowed him to develop in the areas of: operations research, strategic direction and research methodology.

In university administration, Professor Avilés has served as Director of the Engineering Department in Civil Works (1998 - 1999) and was elected Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for two periods from 1999 to 2006. He assumed the Rectory of the University of La Serena in the 2006 year, for a period of four years, being re-elected twice.

The 2010 year was named Illustrious Visit of the Province of San Juan, Argentina. In the year 2014, Professor Avilés was named Illustrious Citizen of the city of Ovalle.

Professor Avilés has an advanced level of Japanese language and is fond of basketball, a sport he practices since high school, being selected by youth and adults from the Ovalle and the basketball teams of the former UTE. He is also fond of Baroque and Andean music, reading books of personal formation, self-help and meditation; and to the practice of reiki.