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graduates graduated

A total of 41 students of the different programs offered by the University in this modality of study, were able to attend a symbolic ceremony in which they shared and met their teachers and classmates in person.

The University of La Serena, through its Office of Distance Education (OED), fulfilled one of its proposed milestones during the past year and sets a precedent for this house of studies. This is the first cohort of graduates of their online and semipresence graduates coordinated through this new office, corresponding to the first half of 2019.

In total there were 4 graduates taught with a total of 41 graduates, corresponding to: Digital Marketing, Didactics of Social Sciences, University Education for Health Sciences and Teaching for Professional Technical Training, which had the E-learning and B- modality learning, that is, completely online and blended.

Some of the students empirically verified how the knowledge acquired influenced their work activities, such as the case of businessman Luis Muñoz Tapia, a student of Digital Marketing, who applied everything learned to his business. “Today, for example, I started investing in SEM from 300 to 400 thousand pesos per month, payments per click to Google and to be able to appear in what is the marketing funnel, and all this that I learned in the diploma through time, with the learning the modules I could improve my texts, I could have the knowledge to improve my website, the pages, the contents and this has helped me that in an organic way, through SEO, today when google the product of my business, I appear on the first page in an organic way ”.

The work with the platform and the professional support of the teachers was key to make these diplomas possible. This was pointed out by the student of Social Sciences Teaching, Valery Quiroz Pérez: “the most significant thing was to find didactic classes through a teacher who explained almost in person step by step the contents and then the curricular structure towards the advancement of tasks and research that was clear, and much improvement in terms of ICTs. In particular, one of the experiences that I most emphasize is having introduced my experience as a generalist, projecting it towards the second cycle and secondary education and perhaps the higher one based on the contents learned in the diploma ”.

2020 challenge

The coordinator of the Office of Distance Education, Humberto Farías Aroca, highlighted the work done. “The enthusiasm and professionalism of the OED team was reflected in the happiness and satisfaction of this first cohort. We can indicate that we meet as an institution with the expectations of these students by choosing us to continue their studies, ”said Farías, who added that“ during the year 2020 it will focus on creating and doubling the current diploma offer, diversifying its area, pointing out others that They have not been taken as engineering and science. In this way, have a more complete offer, first for our graduates and also for students who are interested in the University of La Serena as the place for further studies. ”

Source: Distance Education Office