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La Serena, October 23 from 2019.

Dear ULS Community:

It is our duty to report that yesterday at 20: 15, three students from our University of La Serena were arrested, in the context of the State of Emergency that lives in our area. From the first moment that the fact was known, Mrs. Karin Ortloff Núñez, Career Coordinator of Commercial Engineering, Mrs. Patricia Astroza Morgan, Social Assistant of the General Directorate of Student Affairs (DGAE), and Mrs. Elizabeth Escobar Toro, Legal Counsel, have addressed the situation, in terms of contacts with family members and channeling the corresponding proceedings before the relevant agencies.

Unfortunately, the prevailing situation generates risks, so the Institution is willing to attend to any situation that involves our students.

Consequently, this authority has provided that, from now on, in the event of any similar event, Mrs. Patricia Astroza, Mrs. Elizabeth Escobar and the corresponding School Director or Coordinator, are made available to the students involved, to attend and support with the necessary advice as well as monitoring the situation.

Dr. Nibaldo AVilés Pizarro