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The meeting was held in Canada and Dr. Lizet Véliz Rojas had the opportunity to establish contact with Dr. Jean Watson, world leader in the science of human care.

An outstanding participation in the Global Conference of Humanized Care, Global Human Caring Conference, had the academic of the Department of Nursing of the University of La Serena, Dr. Lizet Véliz Rojas, who exhibited in the event held in Canada, and was led by Dr. Jean Watson, theorist and world leader in the science of care, who has formulated theoretical contributions in the areas of transcultural nursing and humanized care, ideas that today are international in scope.

The ULS researcher, who is also the 2019 National Nursing Award, presented in conjunction with the nurse Carolina Leiva about the experience of Cesfam Pedro Aguirre Cerda of the city of La Serena, in which the theories of Dr. Jean Watson to perform holistic care for users who are treated at the family health center.

The exhibition was recognized by Watson, who showed interest in the way in which his theory is being applied in this particular case in South America.

Additionally, Dr. Véliz was in charge of leading the work table on Intercultural Nursing, which addressed the issue of care in relation to indigenous peoples and international migrants in the international context.

It should be noted that Dr. Lizet Véliz held a meeting with Dr. Watson, where they discussed possible future lines of research in relation to humanized care and the way in which progress can be made in this sense in Chilean reality.

The theorists Peggy Chin, Marcia Hills and Jante Quinn, among other international references in the care sciences, also participated in the meeting held at the University of Victoria in Canada.