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This, thanks to the first Day of Teaching - Science Teachers, organized by the Science and Technology Dissemination and Dissemination Team of the University of La Serena.

With the purpose of sharing knowledge, the University of La Serena developed the First Conference of "Teaching - Science Teachers: University for a day", which brought together professors from different corners of the Coquimbo Region.

Awareness2The activity corresponds to a “pack of classes” of a theoretical and practical nature linked to science and technology topics directly associated with initiatives and activities developed by academics of the University of La Serena.

The Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, stressed that the institution is an empowering actor in the scientific area for teachers in our region, allowing them, through this day, to update knowledge, “which is vital for the integral formation of the students".

In addition, he indicated that science and technology, represented in this activity by teachers of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology, "evidence that our country has a highly trained human capital for the challenges in the area, worldwide."

The objective of the day, seeks to provide feedback on the professional training of teachers, as well as the pedagogical activities associated with research and the study of science that they teach with students, in order to transfer scientific knowledge by applying the sense of “Open University” driven by the institution.

Awareness4The coordinator of the ULS Science and Technology Outreach and Dissemination Team, Alejandra Leyton, said that it is expected that “this is the first of many DoCiencia conferences, where we can incorporate teachers from more communes and remote sectors , to bring them closer to the research initiatives that are being developed at the University ”.

For his part, Estefanía Vásquez, a professor at the Antonio Varas School in Vicuña, who works in the areas of Chemistry and Natural Sciences, highlighted the initiative. “I found it quite interesting, because not only does it try to rescue what we as teachers have to teach students today, but rather, it emphasizes the level of professionalism that we must face in the face of the new changes and challenges in education".

In this way, the University of La Serena continues to work on sharing knowledge to the community in response to the institutional seal.

Written by Sergio Muñoz, Science and Technology Outreach and Dissemination Team

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