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The Women and Economy Forum (WEF) was held in La Serena, which included the Women and Astronomy Conversation, in which astronomers Amelia Ramírez and Rodolfo Barbá participated

In the Coquimbo Region, the WEF / Ministerial (Women in the Economic Forum) agenda was developed as part of the activities of APEC 2019, which was carried out from Monday 30 from September to Friday 4 from October at Hotel La Serena Club For the first time, the issue related to Women and the Economy was incorporated as a priority of a host economy, as it is considered as one of the key factors to reduce poverty and ensure that the population shares the benefits of growth.

conversational woman2One of APEC's activities in the area was the Woman and Astronomy Conversation, which aimed to discuss the participation of women in astronomy, what has been their role in the history, present and future of astronomy, as well as issues related to its visibility, gaps and main challenges.

The University of La Serena and the Faculty of Sciences were represented in this activity by the Dean of Macrounity, Academic and Astronomer, Dr. Amelia Ramírez, and the Director of the Master's Program in Astronomy, Academic and Astronomer Dr. Rodolfo Barbá.

The activity was attended by world-renowned astronomers such as the National Prize for Exact Sciences, María Teresa Ruiz, and Mónica Rubio. The latter highlighted in his presentation the fundamental role that Dean Amelia Ramírez has played in the growth of the University of La Serena as an academic pole for Astronomy in Chile.

Dr. Rodolfo Barbá opened the day with a presentation about the long road that Chilean and international astronomers have had to travel to stand out in the area and the great gender gap that still exists.

Dean Amelia Ramírez was the moderator of the conversation panel, which was the focus of this meeting.

Source: Faculty of Science and APEC Chile 2019