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The activity organized by the Science Dissemination and Dissemination Team of the ULS, seeks to bring closer research in astronomy that is developed in the University.

The Coquimbo Region has one of the cleanest skies in the world, a privileged place to marvel at the stars. This was evidenced by the students of the San Lorenzo de Coquimbo School, who enjoyed and were surprised with the talk “How the stars are born, live and die” by Professor Erich Wenderoth, astronomer and academic at the University of La Serena.

talk astronomy2The activity organized by the ULS Science Outreach and Dissemination Team, seeks to bring astronomy research closer to the University, in order to strengthen their visibility and arouse the curiosity of students.

"The Department of Astronomy at the University of La Serena makes a lot of dissemination at school level, just to stimulate and enchant young people with astronomy, but in particular with the scientific work in general, so that new researchers emerge," said Wenderoth.

In that sense, the astronomer said that observing the environment motivates "asking questions, that way we must challenge students to find the laws of nature, so we will have the future scientists of Chile, but we must make them think."

Cristian Leiva, a student of the San Lorenzo School, valued the initiative and stressed that this instance allows him to deepen concepts learned in the classroom. “It is a very good opportunity that is not given to all schools. I am very interested in talking about astronomy, apart from the knowledge that we have. We are nurturing deeper into it and that's great, ”he said.

In the same way, his classmate, Fernanda Díaz, emphasized that the activity allowed him to have a first approach with higher education and clear questions about astronomy. “He is a specialized researcher, who tells us about a topic that most of us are interested in and I liked to know, how the stars were created, how he dies, and how our universe is. The talk got us out of doubt and motivated us to want to learn more, ”he said.

On the other hand, the professor of mathematics and physics of the school, Carolina Vera, made a positive balance of the day, highlighting the response of the students that resulted in amazement and participation before the talk. “Super interesting for students, since they are in a stage to discover the universe and astronomy, especially in this region that the theme is powerful. That the state university of the region comes to give a talk like that to their school, for them it is different that is why the motivation and expectations which were met, ”he said.

Written by Sergio Muñoz, ULS Science Outreach and Dissemination Team