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Laboratories open to the community, functions of the Mobile Planetarium and talks are part of the activities that will take place next Sunday, October 6 in the Andrés Bello Campus.

For the second consecutive year, the Chilean State Universities will celebrate the National Day of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, through scientific fairs, talks and laboratories open throughout the country.

That is why the University of La Serena will open its doors to the families of the region and will celebrate this day through various activities at the Andrés Bello Campus (Raúl Bitrán 1305, La Serena), from 11: 00 to 14: 00 hrs.

During the day visits will be made to know the laboratories of the departments of Food Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics and Astronomy, the initiatives of the departments of Physics and Mathematics, in addition to the Digital Campus and an exhibition of the Intikallpa solar car of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, a prototype that has had an outstanding participation in the world competition that takes place in Australia.

There will also be functions of the Mobile Planetarium and there will be a keynote talk on water scarcity by the academic of the Department of Agronomy and Director of the PROMMRA Laboratory, Dr. Pablo Álvarez.

“The invitation is to come to the University of La Serena as a family, to learn and enjoy the sciences, innovation and technologies developed by our institution, which fulfills its mission of sharing life-enhancing knowledge,” said the Rector of ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Aviles.

Science Week is part of the work carried out by the Research Network of the state universities.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom