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More than 100 people, including dentists, dental assistants and dental students, attended the activity.

The Latin American Association of Dentistry for Special Patients of Chile (ALOPE), held at the University of La Serena the International Day of Dentistry for Patients with Special Needs Chile-North Zone, activity aimed at dentists, dental assistants and students, and which had the participation of various specialists.

odious 2Some of the topics addressed during the meeting were treatment for patients with Alzheimer's disease, management of prostrate and transplanted patients, and care for patients with special needs.

The exhibitions were in charge of foreign and national referents, where also the academics of the ULS Dentistry degree, Dr. Darwin Pérez and Dr. Isabel González participated.

In addition, this opportunity allowed students of the house of studies to present to the community the Module: "Care of patients with special health needs", which is carried out in 6 ° year, as part of the subject "Clinical Clinical Internship".

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom