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The Department of Education, through Campus Digital, registered the exhibitions, which were presented to a large audience from throughout Latin America.

Academics of the Department of Education of the University of La Serena participated in the 2019 Virtual Education Forum "Challenges of Teacher Professionalization and Innovation for Continuous Improvement", an event organized by the Regional Center for Teacher Training and Educational Research (CRESUR de México ).

This time, academics, Dr. Héctor Bugueño and Dr. Desirée López de Maturana, participated, who presented their themes through the generation of online resources with the support of Digital Campus. “These initiatives not only show an outstanding participation of the University of La Serena in national and international events, but also highlights the importance of developing a very strengthened collaborative work between the different internal units, and in particular, the linkage between the Department of Education and Digital Campus, which has made possible a quality international participation ”, explains Yanett Leiva, curriculum designer of the Digital Campus.

For his part, the Director of the Department of Education, Dr. Jaime Montes, states that “for us it is a privilege to have participated in the International Virtual Forum of CRESUR, with two distinguished academics of ours, such as Dr. Desirée López de Maturana Luna and Dr. Héctor Bugueño Egaña ”, adding that“ the idea of ​​this Department is to continue working in this virtual line where our academics can disseminate their ideas to the entire academic community of our University, as well as to educational institutions region of".

It is in this way that the Director of the Department appreciates the collaborative work with Digital Campus. “I record the enormous gratitude we feel towards Digital Campus, in the person of its Director and its academic team, for allowing us to make these presentations and send them to an international forum outside the country. We hope to continue working together on future projects, this time linked to the International Chair of Intercultural Education Rodolfo Kusch of the University of La Serena, ”he says.

The exhibitions

The event was formed as a “virtual space, with free access”, according to its website. The topics that were addressed are related to pedagogical and transformational leadership, teaching strategies and design of materials for learning and inclusion; development and strengthening of socio-emotional skills and Innovation and use of ICTs in the classroom.

The academic Dr. Héctor Bugueño presented on “The autopoiesis of the traditional school: the imperative of educational innovation”. In this regard, he explains that “the presentation, through a dialectical game, between cell homeostasis and the school institution, tried to generate reflection about educational innovation and the great challenges of the school in the digital age”.

"After this interesting experience, I value the great capacity of CRESUR to organize events of great coverage, to teachers, especially Mexicans, who do not cease to amaze me for their deep convictions and commitment to Education," said the teacher, along with thanking to Digital Campus since “its professionals have realized a great commitment and dedication to mobilize their resources and talents in the realization of this challenge”.

For her part, Dr. Desirée López de Maturana, addressed issues in early childhood education, raised the question ¿Right or Benefit ?, which invited participants to reflect on it. “As an academic of the Department of Education and of the Nursery Education career, I think it was a tremendous opportunity, because it is the opportunity to leave the University space, we can use the new technologies and the new possibilities that exist with virtual networks to be able to dialogue, talk with many more people, breaking down the borders, the classroom borders, the borders of the University and even the country. It is a great possibility, ”he says.

Finally, he expresses that this “helps position important issues in the area, the University of La Serena and the Department of Education, because it allows generating knowledge with other voices, other opinions and other perspectives to be able to dialogue. In addition, that the material is generated from the University, allows the voices of our own teachers to contribute to a more universal knowledge, ”he concludes.

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