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The congress was held in the offices of the Universidad del Bío Bío, and allowed the formation of the Chilean Cost Association.

The Director of the School of Audit, Mg. Patricia Cortés Iturrieta, from the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the University of La Serena, participated in the First Chilean Cost Congress, organized by the University of Bío Bío and the International Cost Institute.

The congress was held on June 27 and 28 in the offices of the University of Bio Bio, and allowed the formation of the Chilean Cost Association, in which 10 national universities participate, represented by more than 50 Chilean participants and with the presence of specialists from Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The main objective of the Chilean Cost Association is to investigate and disseminate knowledge in terms of costs and management. In addition, it seeks to establish national and international relations with different institutions that share common objectives.

The Director of the School of Audit ULS, said that “it was very valuable to participate in this event and above all to verify that we share the same interest with academics of the cost area of ​​other national and international universities, and in turn, confirm that we are in complete tune with the learnings and works carried out in other universities that assume the challenge of training auditors ”.

“On the other hand, as for the Chilean Institute of Costs, of which I am part of the Board of Directors, immediately, we have as a challenge to elaborate the strategic plan and define future activities, in pursuit of what will be the second version of the Chilean Congress of Costs and Management to be carried out in April of the 2020 in Santiago, organized by the Diego Portales University, ”said Mg. Patricia Cortés

In this way, the first Board of Directors was made up of:

President: Estela Rodríguez Quezada (University of Bío-Bío)

Vice President: Cristian Torres Riquelme (Catholic University of Temuco)

Treasurer: Hernán Rocha Pavez (University of Magallanes)

Secretary: José Tello Ávilda (University of Talca)

1 Director: Sandra Alvear Vega (University of Talca)

2 Director: Mario Araneda Rodríguez (Diego Portales University)

3 Director: Patricia Cortés Iturrieta (La Serena University)

More information and details of this historical process in http://congresodecostos.ubiobio.cl/