Climate change is a cross-cutting issue for the human race, how to inform is a work of journalists and communicators. That is why the journalist and academic at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Paola Banchero, gave the talk: "Common Things: Communicating Climate Change."

The presentation was made in the Alejandro Covarrubias Hall of the Central House of the University of La Serena, on Friday 5 in July, and was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Dr. Luperfina Rojas Escobar, the Director of the School of Journalism, Mg. Cristian Muñoz Catalán, among other authorities, academics and students.

alaska2Paola Banchero is an associate professor in the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and has worked as a reporter and editor in various media. In addition, he has taught courses and worked on the realization and execution of documentaries related to the impact of climate change.

For the Director of the School of Journalism, Mg. Cristian Muñoz, the instance allows to connect two institutions geographically distant, but close in several academic nuances. "It is very pleasant to plan this talk, we see as an opportunity to be able to strengthen ties with the University of Alaska Achorage, since we have similarities that we can combine as a real opportunity for the Journalism career," he said.

In this way, the realization of the talk allowed knowing different communication strategies on this subject, and emphasizing the importance of solutions over pessimism when it comes to reporting.

alaska3The journalist from the University of Alaska stressed the primary role of communicators, and reinforced that it consists of continuous learning. “I think we are learning how to cover these facts, we have had 25 or 30 years of news on the subject and many excellent cases, but in reality the coverage has been very focused on guilt and this is a problem without giving solutions, so I want to communicate the importance of giving people solutions that are understandable and within reach, ”he said.

The talk ended with a round of questions from those present and the presentation of a gift to the journalist Paola Banchero, by the Dean of the FACSE and the Director of the School of Journalism, which consisted of a publication on material didactic for the teaching of journalism, carried out by the former academic Mg. Marcela Poblete Ibaceta.

Written by Paula Godoy, Journalist ULS