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digital graduates

The digital initiative, which already has the approval of the Board of Directors and included in the offer of programs of the Postgraduate and Postgraduate Management, will be launched as of the year 2019. Two of them will be under the b-learning modality and two in e-learning mode.

The University of La Serena and its Campus Digital unit are working on four Diplomats that have already been approved for its implementation. This initiative is added to the training courses and undergraduate programs already carried out and will work as a complement for those wishing to expand their knowledge in the different areas to which each of them will focus. Specifically, the four Diploma courses offered are "Diploma in University Education for Health Sciences" "Diploma in Teaching for Professional Technical Training", "Diploma in Didactics of Social Sciences" and "Diploma in Digital Marketing". These Diplomas will be available at universidad.userena.digital.

Humberto Farías, head of Digital Campus, highlighted the importance of graduates in the University and the way in which they have worked to generate them, noting that these programs "are a new stage in the process of growth of the University of La Serena in education distance and continuous training, which began with the creation of the Digital Campus. We currently have one of the most modern platforms in the country, and we have already digitized subjects and electives for undergraduate students, in addition to training courses, among other milestones. The above, added to a multidisciplinary team of professionals, allows us to launch this new offer of distance training programs in a framework of quality of service ".

For its part, Yanett Leiva, instructional designer of Campus Digital, said that "the University of La Serena, in accordance with the new social and economic context of the country and the world, in which Information and Communication technologies have been transformed into a tool that covers a large number of needs, provides continuous training programs in e-learning modalities (100% online) and b-learning (50% online and 50% classroom) for the development and specialization in different disciplines (... ). These Diplomates have been designed to meet the highest quality standards. "

The Diploma in University Education for Health Sciences, is an educational body that aims to provide teachers with knowledge in methodologies linked to new technologies and their implementation. The duration of this course is 148 hours online and 12 hours and will have as a requirement to play a teaching role in that area.

While the Diploma in Teaching for Professional Technical Training, will provide pedagogical skills for their professional performance focused on the training of professional technicians. Like the previous one, it will be divided into 148 hours of online work and 12 of face-to-face classes.

The aim of the Diploma in Social Sciences Didactics is to improve teaching strategies by applying didactic principles. This Diploma will be completely online and will consist of 160 hours of work.

In the line of commerce, the Diploma of Digital Marketing aims to apply new and better techniques of electronic commerce, this aiming at a better business positioning and the use of available technological tools. Like the previous diploma, it will last 160 hours of online work.

Dr. Cristian Ibáñez, Director of Postgraduate and Postgraduate Studies, said that "the new graduates come to satisfy a growing need for specialization demanded by society and evidence the utility that technologies provide in the service of communication and continuous learning. The Digital Campus will not only allow people to carry out their studies from their homes, but it will also make it possible to flex the time and moment when they wish to acquire their new knowledge ".

The Diplomas will be available from the first semester of the year 2019, and with this the University of La Serena will take an important step in the continuity of studies of its professionals, offering study programs suitable for the use of new digital technologies. For more information consult through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..