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The work is part of the projects of Institutional Improvement and Implementation Plan of the house of studies, which seek to achieve the strengthening of the initial teacher training.

One of the actions implemented by the University of La Serena, through the recent creation of the Unit of Integrated Management of Pedagogies (UGIP), is to curricularly renew the curricula of all the careers in charge of teacher training. This, in response to the current demands imposed by the school and educational system in general, in terms of the curriculum and the new social, ethical and political needs of quality education and equality.

In this context, the 18 and 20 days of July were presented before the Academic Council and Board of Directors of the ULS respectively, the new proposal that entails the curricular renewal of the eleven careers courses taught by the house of studies, resulting in the unanimous approval by the collegiate bodies.

renovation2This achievement is the result of an arduous work carried out since 2016 by the curriculum renewal team of the Pedagogies integrated by the Directors and Coordinators of these careers and constituted within the framework of the commitments made in the Institutional Improvement Plan -PMI FIP ULS1501- regarding the Curriculum Redesign. This team, with the support of the Project Management and Coordination, in addition to the Teacher Improvement Unit (UMD), focused on rethinking and renewing the current curriculum of the careers, considering a common vision and welcoming the essential guidelines for the training of a ULS teacher.

"The renewed plans respond to a very particular moment that we are experiencing in our country, due to the important social and educational demands that are presented to us, before which the University, through the Institutional Improvement Plan of Pedagogy, has to attend and respond to what the education system and the school system are demanding. Our programs should be articulated with the school curriculum, in terms of their demands, problems and projections because ultimately the task of the careers of pedagogies is a function of the teaching of this, "emphasized the academic coordinator of the UGIP, Dr. Sandra Álvarez

renovation3That is why the renewed plan will address cross-cutting issues to all pedagogies, promoting the personal, social and academic development of future teachers; Examples of this are the presence in the curricular meshes of subjects that address gender equality, citizen education, the use of new information technologies, reading comprehension, among others.

"This also means that institutionally we must promote the culture of continuous improvement, which allows us to monitor the implementation processes of this renewed curriculum, which implies a great challenge especially in how we will communicate with the school system to receive permanent feedback. For this reason, we have to think of a different way of linking School-University, which allows us to have real information about what is happening in the school system, thereby integrating all the key actors of this and encouraging a much more collaborative participation and explicit, "added the coordinator.

renovation4For its part, the UGIP, led by Dr. Fabián Araya, will play a fundamental role in the development of the next actions, which will be focused on the implementation of the recently approved curricular plan, which will involve tending to the disciplinary and pedagogical update of the academics, a rethinking of infrastructure conditions and pedagogical spaces, in addition to strengthening the link with the educational communities, all of which must be in accordance with the new curricular renewal proposal that will be launched in the 2019 year.

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