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As part of the activities developed by the PMI ULS 1401, the Ineergies team together with students from different careers held an educational day in this establishment for the second year in a row.

Within the framework of the day "Science visits your school" made by Ineergias Educa, part of the team together with students from different careers of the University of La Serena participated in various activities at the Luis Braille School, an establishment that serves near 60 children, girls and young people with different degrees of visual disability.

With the aim of promoting environmental education, awakening in students the concern about sustainable development and raising awareness in the educational community, various activities were performed, including the radio play of the book "Lycal, Solar Parks in the Desert", next text to be published and that was created by the Ineurgy team for distribution in the educational establishments with which they work. Along with this, the students also learned about water, waste, territory and energy through the interactive game "Hacia dónde vamos", they also created educational models of solar panels and learned about Unconventional Renewable Energies.

ineergias2The teacher in charge of the environment department, Miriam Gonzales, highlighted the enthusiasm of the students and said: "I think it is very good that these activities are carried out, they use a different methodology, they took care of all the areas that the children work here. , auditory, sensory, interaction with others. In general, I found the day very educational and the reception from the children was very good ".

On the occasion, Ineergias Team participated, a group of students from different careers of the University, who work together with Ineergias Educa, collaborating from their different academic areas to promote sustainability both outside and within the ULS. They were responsible for giving life to the characters in the story, as well as being monitors in the dynamics and games prepared to entertain and educate children throughout the day.

Marcela Pastén, in charge of work with educational establishments in Ineergias Educa, highlighted the interest of the educational community for this day and commented that "the activity was quite playful and interesting, we were able to transmit to the children a different way of teaching science, I saw them very happy and we were able to integrate the work of students of the University. This day has an importance associated to transmit the knowledge of the University to the community, for that reason, we decided as a team to take this knowledge to the classrooms through games and dynamic activities ".

ineergias3Yuditza Navea, a student of Pedagogy in Biology and Natural Sciences of the University of La Serena and member of Team Ineergias since last year, stressed that "it is a very significant and enriching instance to address other areas of my university education, it serves as an experience , to know how children learn in the classroom, in addition to the importance of the learning strategies that we use, Team Ineergies has been a great experience, to be able to carry out what for me means love and care for nature and relate it to the educational community. "

Students and teachers highlighted the participation of Team Ineergias and the constant collaboration of Ineergias Educa with the establishment. In the coming months, Ineergias will continue to carry out activities and workshops in other schools in the region to raise awareness of the importance of environmental education and sustainable development, bringing scientific knowledge to the classroom.

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