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The initiative seeks to open possibilities for training and research between students of both institutions.

An interesting inter-institutional agreement between the University of La Serena and the Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales - Institute for Higher Studies in Social Communication (IHECS) - based in Belgium, was held at the Central House of the state entity. of student exchange, has the purpose of promoting international exchange and improving educational and research opportunities for its students and institutions.

With an initial duration of three years, which can be extended, it is stipulated the exchange of two students per academic year of each institution, that is, one per semester. The study program lasts one semester and the courses must be recognized bilaterally. Upon completion of the studies, students receive an ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) certificate in the IHECS or an SCT (Transferable Credit System) certificate in the ULS.

As stated by the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, "for the ULS is proud to sign this agreement, since it goes in the direction of seeking the common good, improving education, knowledge and bringing to both countries. We are willing to support this initiative so that it develops in the best way. "

Belgian agreement 2It should be noted that as established in the agreement signed, each institution selects its best candidates, who among other requirements, must master the language in order to benefit from the chosen study program.

In this regard, both institutions also commit themselves to seek and achieve other exchange opportunities for students in the future, which will allow them to help each other in their efforts to increase the education of their students, and promote reciprocal understanding and enrichment of individuals. their respective countries.

'' For us it is very positive to establish a student exchange relationship, it is important to have contacts in America and in Chile, because as the world goes global, exchanges can help the generations that come to have more contact and understanding between the peoples, "said Dr. Luc De Meyer, Rector of the Institut des Hautes Études des Communications Sociales.

This alliance was signed by the rectors of both institutions, who were accompanied in the signing ceremony of the agreement by the General Secretary of the University of La Serena, Mg. Sergio Zepeda, and the coordinator of the International Relations Office of the ULS, M.Sc. Dietmut Graeff.

Both rectors agreed on the intention to expand and seek other future possibilities, which as far as possible favoring academics in their development.