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In the framework of quality assurance and to align the activities of Linking with the Environment with the policies and strategic statements expressed in the Strategic Development Plan of the University of La Serena, an extract is prepared to present the main contents of the document called "Guidelines and institutional mechanisms for activities related to the environment".

Strategic Framework: The activities of Linking with the Environment are part of the Strategic Development Plan (PED) of the University of La Serena.

Policy of Linkage with the Environment: "The ULS promotes its links and university extension programs and all kinds of cultural, disciplinary, technological, productive and professional activities, in a multiple and heterogeneous way that link it with the environment and that mean improving its own functions, as well as generating significant impacts on the external environment.

"The link with the environment at the University of La Serena, as a regional state university, constitutes an essential and substantive expression of its social role committed to quality, integrated transversally to the set of academic functions."

Management, Development and Execution of Linkage with the Environment: It is carried out through "Operationalization Instances or Management Units", which are presented in Disciplinary or Institutional action plans:

  • Disciplinary Action: Represented by Faculties (Decanatures), Departments, Schools and Specialized Centers, they maintain a more specific action.
  • Institutional Action: Correspond to those units that operate in the institutional action plan, and that maintain a broader and more general action.

* It should be noted that the activities of Linking to the Environment, by their characteristics, are developed in a decentralized manner, responding to the strategic guidelines formulated in the Strategic Development Plan and the plans of the Decanatures, Departments and Schools.

Therefore, there are "Instances of coordination, monitoring and control":

1 Liaison with the Environment Coordination, which carries out the coordination and transversal monitoring of the linking activities organized by the various institutional instances. In addition, it carries out information gathering of the development process and the results of the activities, both internally and externally.

2 Decanatures

3 Departments

4 Schools

action plans in the vcmIn order to organize the area of ​​connection with the environment and achieve the planned results, the "Action Plans and Responsibilities within the framework of the Link with the environment" are defined:

On the other hand it is highlighted that the area of ​​Linkage with the Environment, has clear mechanisms for:

  • The formalization.
  • Resource allocation.
  • Registration, monitoring and evaluation of results.
  • Relationship, materialization and feedback.
  • Relationship with the Environment and Research Relationship.
  • Relationship with the Environment and Teaching of Pre and Postgraduate.
  • Impact Evaluation of Activities of Linkage with the Internal and External Medium.

In relation to the assurance of the quality and the continuous evaluation of the Bonding with the Medium the following criteria will be considered:

1 Criteria of coherence with the institutional Mission and Vision

2 Operational efficiency criteria

model of the institutional function vcm3 Criterion of relevance of results and impacts in the internal environment

4 Criterion of relevance of results and impacts in the external environment

The task and materialization of the link with the environment is reflected through the "Model of the Institutional Function of Linking with the Environment"

Download Link Action Plans in the Link with the Environment